My Philosophy

The word philosophy combines the two Greek words for love and wisdom.  One definition of philosophy is "a particular system or set of beliefs; a personal rule of life."

Everyone has a philosophy of life, even if he doesn't know or understand it.  What he believes--his philosophy of life--is the base from which he makes every decision.

My actions reflect what I believe.  My photography is also a reflection of my beliefs.  So I think it is important that you understand why I shoot, and how I shoot.

The Why

I simply love being behind the lens!  I love capturing that special moment, even if it's in the life of a stranger.  But more deeply than that, I seek to glorify God in my photography--in the subject, in the surroundings, and in  my editing.

The How

The goal in my photography sessions is to have a great time, while capturing the personality and spirit of those in front of my lens.  I love coaxing smiles out of little ones, exploring the fascinating personalities of teenagers, and listening to the colorful stories of older folks.

As an "available light" photographer, I seek out natural lighting venues in which to conduct a photo session.  Usually, this means a park, or even your own (or my!) backyard!  I will also shoot indoors with good lighting, and am currently experimenting with this.  I do have a nifty flash unit, which I'm having fun experimenting with!  If you like--and if it's too cold outside--have me over and let's experiment together.  (In my experimenting stage, I'm always willing to make a deal on fees.)

I  desire to show honesty and truth in my photography.  The goal in my editing is to beautify the photo while at the same time being true to that particular shot.  I will use trendy editing sparingly, only when it makes sense to do so--whether for lighting reasons or to reflect the mood of the photo.  In twenty years, your keepsakes will continue to be classic and timeless.

If you are considering using my services, please look over the photos on my blog, and all of my professional collections at my SmugMug gallery.  Every photographer has a style, and I want to make sure you like and want my style of photography before you decide to hire me.  I don't want you to be surprised or disappointed later.

If you like my style of photography, by all means contact me!  I would be honored to help you preserve your memories.

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