In Front of the Lens

Or, The people I take Photos Of.

I'm a fan of babies.  Newly bestowed from the hand of God upon a family, babies are indeed a blessing.  The Bible calls them a reward, and it is a privilege to capture on film these precious blessings

Little ones are a riot to photograph.  At most events we attend as a family, you will find me running around with my camera, chasing children.  There is a simplicity and an unfeigned innocence in their faces that I love to capture.

I have also grown to love teens and young adults.  My own sons are currently flying through that particular age range, and it is fascinating to spend time with them and to dig more deeply into their personalities.  I love to capture on film their blossoming character, carefree sense of life, and burgeoning passion as they look with bright hope toward their futures.

I have a special place in my heart for special people--those who, though identified by a label, transcend that very label by their unique personalities and traits that bless everyone around them, including me.  My own Joseph carries a label, but we don't define him in that limited box.  He is an amazing young man, and I strive to capture him reflecting the wonderful blessing that is Joseph.

In the context of all these individuals are people, and people make up families.  God has placed each of us in families, and our families define who we are.  When I photograph individuals, I shoot with the knowledge that this is not just a single person isolated in time, but a very precious and integral part of a family.

Having celebrated over 20 years of marriage, I deeply appreciate weddings.  Though I don't shoot weddings as a primary photographer, I love hunting out those candid shots of celebration which surround me.  I just have to make sure I have Kleenex in my camera bag; it's hard to shoot with wet eyes.  If you like my photography, let's talk and put a package together for your special day!

Anniversaries are a testament to love--that commitment and bond between two people that lasts year after year.  My own parents are nearing their 50th anniversary, and boy I'm looking forward to that!

Finally, I love to photograph the wise, gray-haired folks, who have so much wisdom and love to offer!  Our first inclination is to preserve the memories of our children, because we know we'll forget those little details as they grow--and they grow so quickly!  But our parents and grandparents are just as important, and we need to preserve the memories and wisdom that are a vital part of our and our children's heritage and future.

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