Behind the Lens

Or, About Me.

Born on the East Coast, raised in the Midwest, I am practical and organized.  I grew up extremely introverted, with a bent toward managing and organizing my environment.  I still like to be in control, though I know that I'm really not!

I have always carried a camera around with me, so I can't really say when the "photography bug" bit me.  Perhaps it's in my genes!  I used to take pictures of all my friends, and of every event.  Of course, with film camera, I couldn't shoot everything and everybody.  I had to be particular--I was paying for every roll of film to be developed!  But that didn't stop me from capturing my husband, then all my babies, on film.

Today, I have been married for over 20 years, but hopefully I don't look like I have!  My husband and I have four sons who are incredibly amazing.  I have loved watching them grow up and spread their own wings.

My handsome sons are the object of my eye in the camera viewfinder, which sometimes gives me good practice with unwilling subjects.  Guys really aren't into getting their picture taken!

I ventured into the digital world in early 2009, and am the proud owner of a Canon Eos 40D which I named Ellie.  Silly, I know.  (I'm not practical 100% of the time, y'know.)

I am drawn to faces.  They tell a story, and can reflect God's faithfulness and grace.  As you browse my blog and view my photos, you'll see my fascination with faces--I tend to focus on them, and especially eyes.  I have never seen a pair of eyes that don't draw me in when I'm holding a camera!

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